Technology is advancing day by day, and it leaves no room for surprises. 

Lately, as this pandemic outbreak is happening, various technology solutions have been designed and developed to prevent Covid-19 disease.

Fighting this pandemic hasn’t been easy for the government, healthcare organizations, and individuals, so using Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and connected devices to build platforms and applications that could be helpful for everyone has become one critical factor in this aspect.

LeewayHertz is a software company that has found a few technology solutions to fight the virus and mitigate the risk.

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These are the top 3 most exciting technology solutions that LeewayHertz has come up with: 

1. Face Mask Detection System using Artificial Intelligence

Face Mask Detection System- uses existing IP cameras and CCTV cameras linked with Computer Vision to detect people that are not wearing masks on.

Face Mask Detection Platform- uses Artificial Network to recognize if a person is not wearing a mask. The app can be linked to any existing or new IP cameras to detect people without a mask. App users can also add faces and phone numbers to send them an aware alert if they are not wearing a mask. If by any chance, the camera captures an unrecognized face, a notification can be sent out to the administrator.

A user-friendly website permits the user to see who was not wearing a mask and also see the photo, or the video snapped by the installed camera. Users can also generate reports to download and integrate with any other third-party integration.

If the app identifies a user that was not wearing a mask, AI alerts are sent with the picture of the person. It allows the app to run automatically and enforces the wearing of the mask.

Features of this platform are:

Automatically Send Alert

Sends a notification alert to the faces, which are recognized, also sets the rate of sending the signals and detection of their face.

Multi-Channel Recognition

Attaches multiple cameras in a couple minutes and enables all the cameras to have access to the AI capability of recognizing faces. 

Who can use this platform? 

Airports, hospitals, and offices can benefit from the Face Mask Detection Platform. 

2. Social Distancing Alert System Using Artificial Intelligence

Social Distancing Alert System System uses existing IP cameras and CCTV cameras combined with Computer Vision to detect if people are at a specific distance and obey social distancing or not.

Social Distancing AI platform uses existing IP cameras to identify if people are following social distancing. It uses Computer Vision to find the gap between two persons detected in the camera. The platform generates notifications and calls an external alarm (via speaker) to warn if anyone is found violating laws. 


Using computer vision, people who do not maintain a certain distance at crowded places can be identified. The system keeps a log of videos that can be used to take action against violators.  

Notifications and Alerts Interface

When two or more than two persons are found in close contact in the camera, an alarm alerts people standing in that area, and notification is sent to concerned authorities or guards who can ask people to maintain distance. 

Plugin Integration for Live Count

Crowded places like malls and supermarkets can integrate a plugin on their website or app to display the live count of people so that people can follow social distancing. It can display analytics on the store website about the crowd prediction and help customers book the free pickup slot.  

Features of this platform are:

Send Voice Alerts Automatically

Send voice alerts via speakers inserted at a specific place when someone violates social distancing. Also, set the rate of detection of faces and sending warnings. 

Who can use this platform? 

Airports, hospitals, offices, manufacturing plants, retail shops, metro stations, public libraries, schools and religious places can benefit from Social Distancing Alert Platform.

3. Hotspot Zone Detection using Computer Vision

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Hotspot Zones Detection

Hotspot Zone Detection System- uses existing CCTV or IP cameras linked with Computer Vision to identify if people are frequently touching unspecified physical objects in an area or location where the camera is installed. Meanwhile, if the number of touches exceeds the threshold value, an awareness alert would be sent to the concerned authorities, and the area or location can be declared as hotspot zone.

By using existing CCTV cameras, you can easily detect if people in a specific area or location, touch unspecified objects such as gate handles, railings, or anything frequently. If cameras that are using Computer Vision find out that the number of contacts exceeds the limit, it will trigger an alert, and the area is declared as the hotspot zone or region.


Hotspot Zone Detection System- can help identify people who often touch unknown physical objects in a specific area. This platform keeps a log of videos that can be used for contact tracing in case if anyone is found to be infected with COVID-19.

Notifications and Alerts

If the limit of the number of touches on unknown objects outstrip, the notification alert is sent to the concerned authorities to take any action or disinfect the area or location.

Automatic Alerts and Notifications

Send voice alerts via speakers inserted at a particular place when people are found to be touching objects very often. Also, notifying in time concerned authorities about sanitizing a hotspot zone that is identified via the system.

Multi-channel Recognition

Integrate more than just one camera in a few minutes and allow cameras to give full access to the capability of AI to recognize people’s faces.

No new hardware

You are not required to have new hardware to enable the hotspot zone detection system. It can efficiently work with your existing IP or CCTV cameras.

Who can use this platform? 

Airport Terminals, Supermarkets/Retail Shops, Offices, Metro Stations, Religious Places, Public Libraries can benefit from Hotspot Zone Detection Platform.