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How technology has found solutions to prevent spreading of COVID-19

Technology is advancing day by day, and it leaves no room for surprises. 

Lately, as this pandemic outbreak is happening, various technology solutions have been designed and developed to prevent Covid-19 disease.

Fighting this pandemic hasn’t been easy for the government, healthcare organizations, and individuals, so using Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and connected devices to build platforms and applications that could be helpful for everyone has become one critical factor in this aspect.

LeewayHertz is a software company that has found a few technology solutions to fight the virus and mitigate the risk.

Apple-Google 'Contact Tracing' System to Roll Out to iOS, Android ...

These are the top 3 most exciting technology solutions that LeewayHertz has come up with: 

1. Face Mask Detection System using Artificial Intelligence

Face Mask Detection System- uses existing IP cameras and CCTV cameras linked with Computer Vision to detect people that are not wearing masks on.

Face Mask Detection Platform- uses Artificial Network to recognize if a person is not wearing a mask. The app can be linked to any existing or new IP cameras to detect people without a mask. App users can also add faces and phone numbers to send them an aware alert if they are not wearing a mask. If by any chance, the camera captures an unrecognized face, a notification can be sent out to the administrator.

A user-friendly website permits the user to see who was not wearing a mask and also see the photo, or the video snapped by the installed camera. Users can also generate reports to download and integrate with any other third-party integration.

If the app identifies a user that was not wearing a mask, AI alerts are sent with the picture of the person. It allows the app to run automatically and enforces the wearing of the mask.

Features of this platform are:

Automatically Send Alert

Sends a notification alert to the faces, which are recognized, also sets the rate of sending the signals and detection of their face.

Multi-Channel Recognition

Attaches multiple cameras in a couple minutes and enables all the cameras to have access to the AI capability of recognizing faces. 

Who can use this platform? 

Airports, hospitals, and offices can benefit from the Face Mask Detection Platform. 

2. Social Distancing Alert System Using Artificial Intelligence

Social Distancing Alert System System uses existing IP cameras and CCTV cameras combined with Computer Vision to detect if people are at a specific distance and obey social distancing or not.

Social Distancing AI platform uses existing IP cameras to identify if people are following social distancing. It uses Computer Vision to find the gap between two persons detected in the camera. The platform generates notifications and calls an external alarm (via speaker) to warn if anyone is found violating laws. 


Using computer vision, people who do not maintain a certain distance at crowded places can be identified. The system keeps a log of videos that can be used to take action against violators.  

Notifications and Alerts Interface

When two or more than two persons are found in close contact in the camera, an alarm alerts people standing in that area, and notification is sent to concerned authorities or guards who can ask people to maintain distance. 

Plugin Integration for Live Count

Crowded places like malls and supermarkets can integrate a plugin on their website or app to display the live count of people so that people can follow social distancing. It can display analytics on the store website about the crowd prediction and help customers book the free pickup slot.  

Features of this platform are:

Send Voice Alerts Automatically

Send voice alerts via speakers inserted at a specific place when someone violates social distancing. Also, set the rate of detection of faces and sending warnings. 

Who can use this platform? 

Airports, hospitals, offices, manufacturing plants, retail shops, metro stations, public libraries, schools and religious places can benefit from Social Distancing Alert Platform.

3. Hotspot Zone Detection using Computer Vision

Contact tracing democracy in a post-COVID-19 world | International ...
Hotspot Zones Detection

Hotspot Zone Detection System- uses existing CCTV or IP cameras linked with Computer Vision to identify if people are frequently touching unspecified physical objects in an area or location where the camera is installed. Meanwhile, if the number of touches exceeds the threshold value, an awareness alert would be sent to the concerned authorities, and the area or location can be declared as hotspot zone.

By using existing CCTV cameras, you can easily detect if people in a specific area or location, touch unspecified objects such as gate handles, railings, or anything frequently. If cameras that are using Computer Vision find out that the number of contacts exceeds the limit, it will trigger an alert, and the area is declared as the hotspot zone or region.


Hotspot Zone Detection System- can help identify people who often touch unknown physical objects in a specific area. This platform keeps a log of videos that can be used for contact tracing in case if anyone is found to be infected with COVID-19.

Notifications and Alerts

If the limit of the number of touches on unknown objects outstrip, the notification alert is sent to the concerned authorities to take any action or disinfect the area or location.

Automatic Alerts and Notifications

Send voice alerts via speakers inserted at a particular place when people are found to be touching objects very often. Also, notifying in time concerned authorities about sanitizing a hotspot zone that is identified via the system.

Multi-channel Recognition

Integrate more than just one camera in a few minutes and allow cameras to give full access to the capability of AI to recognize people’s faces.

No new hardware

You are not required to have new hardware to enable the hotspot zone detection system. It can efficiently work with your existing IP or CCTV cameras.

Who can use this platform? 

Airport Terminals, Supermarkets/Retail Shops, Offices, Metro Stations, Religious Places, Public Libraries can benefit from Hotspot Zone Detection Platform.

COVID-19: Consequences and Opportunities for the ICT Sector

Coronavirus (COVID-19) made an enormous crash all around the world. Impacting the economy of the world among all other aspects, and bringing strategic and political clashes all around are some of the footprints that will remain for a long time.

The information and communication technologies sector, ICT, is also impacted by COVID-19.

The tech giants have already canceled their participation in prestigious conferences and announced financial objectives below expectations. Technology and ICT firms forecast the international show and plan to launch new services, products, and solutions there to get the most significant exposure.

Some of the biggest postpones and cancellations that Technology and ICT firms have made:

Besides, the GSMA, in conjunction with the event host MTN Global Connect, decided to postpone April 2020 WAS meeting in Cape Town to the same venue in March 2021.

Another major ICT event was canceled in Dubai, Capacity Middle East. This was an event which was due to commence on March 2. “This decision has not been taken lightly, but the health of our customers, partners, and team is of paramount importance. We feel that as such an important event to the region, its postponement will allow the event to serve its purpose better,” a statement by Ros Irving, CEO of Capacity Media, read.

WAS develops roaming and interconnect agreement templates and wholesale charging principles. Additionally, it supports GSMA programs and projects with the development of roaming. It interconnects agreement templates and general charging principles that are unique to the needs of these efforts, as appropriate.

Consequences and opportunities for the ICT sector

COVID-19 and its impact in the ICT sector

The cancellation of international events due to COVID-19 brings to attention direct and indirect financial losses to thousands of technology companies.

It recalled that the ICT sector had had its share of COVID-19, but its contribution didn’t stop there. The ICT sector has been contributing the most in the fight against coronavirus.

Technology nowadays is playing the most crucial part. In the case of COVID-19, facial recognition is a key player.

As the coronavirus disease spreads globally, the online battle to keep misinformation and fake news about the condition is also stepping up. It is evident that Google, Facebook, and other platforms are struggling to stay ahead of scammers, trolls, and others with ill intent that routinely uses major tragedies or disasters as opportunities to deceive or manipulate people.

New Year’s Resolutions for Developers

2019 is almost over and hopefully it has been a great year for each and every one of you. Whether it has or it hasn’t, 2020 should be a year where you create your own opportunities, sit back and reflect upon your daily work. Here is a list we have made for developers’ New Year’s resolution.

Clean our code: 

In 2020, our code will be clean and proud.

What’s the point of being fast today if it slows us down tomorrow? For this New Year, we are committed to respecting these 10 developer’s commandments: 

  • Avoid code complexity as much as possible
  • Don’t wait 6 months to fix low priority bugs
  • Always try to reduce the technical debt
  • Regularly check monitoring and alerting thresholds
  • Comment our code more wisely
  • Create smart functions instead of duplicating code
  • Communicate with each other to avoid mistakes
  • Accept the fact that we’re just humans and ask for code reviews from peers
  • Create and update more documentation

Learn something new:

In 2020, each and every one of us will explore a new language, a new framework or a new methodology.

We truly believe in continuous learning. We may not need this technology today, but what about tomorrow? It’s all about thinking out of the box and being curious. Here are a few good practices that we’d like to establish in 2020:

Read and watch more about tech: Internet is an amazing source of knowledge, but it needs to be tamed. There are too many things published each day, it’s impossible to read them all, but the more you watch and read, the more creative and inspired you are at work.

Participate in hackathons: Look out for hackathons near you they are great for learning loads of things and building your network as a developer.

Start working on your idea: We all have a dream project in our mind but we somehow end up doing something else or procrastinating. Break all those barriers just do what you want to do and start your dream project. The worst that can happen is that it will not work out, but at least you will know what does not work out and thus focus on things that can really work.

Share our experience

In 2020, we’ll share our expertise to benefit the community.

Write more articles: We encourage every single developer to write an article about his/her work. In 2020, we will focus in following the good practice of publishing blog posts on any site or medium that we can, including our own website.

Speak and participate at more public events: It’s never easy to jump ahead and speak in public. However, this practice will help you share your knowledge and experience which as a return will help or inspire someone else. Additionally, it will help you build more trust and confidence about yourself and your abilities.

Take care of ourselves:

In 2020, we’ll take time to respect our inner rhythms and needs.

Adopt better postures: While we get lost in our work, it is important to remember to take care of ourselves. In 2020, we’ll take better care of our spines: poor postures contribute to increasing back and shoulder pain. Some of us already started the trend of using monitor stands, footrests, ergonomic chairs and computer mice.

Take a break sometimes: It’s recommended to take a 5min break every hour. One of our ideas for 2020 is to create a clock program that will remind us to leave our screens when needed. Our team is also starting to explore the various techniques to improve productivity.

Happy New Year from TENTON!

‘Tech for Autism’ event by TENTON and Zombie Soup

As a software development company, Tenton is always focused in finding the optimal solutions for our clients through meeting their specific requirements while introducing innovative ideas in the process. Simultaneously, we are constantly seeking ways how we can meet innovation and technology with societal needs through the various events and activities.

The week we left behind Tenton together with Zombie Soup decided to embark the journey of helping kids under the autism spectrum by inviting tech companies in Kosovo to come together and support this initiative in various forms through donation and participation. We decided to organize a football tournament ‘Tech for Autsim’ – a cheerful event that brought joy and a friendly competitive spirit between the participating teams. The tournament was supported by 24 tech companies, which added a great value to the initiative. These companies, without which we would not be able to make this event come to life, were: Zombie Soup, Sunny Hill Tech, Telegrafi, Vianova, Gjirafa, Kutia, Frakton, Imbus, Fitonomy, Starlabs, Kartela, Autoshkolla, Codatech, Webtiser, Kode Labs, 3CIS, Inspire11, Competence Center and Strategic Initiatives, Formon, Trigonom, Jusa Print, Deinde and Nerdy Creative. Our goal was to help kids with autism through creating an event that brings together our technology community and puts forward an enjoyable and memorable experience.

The tournament was held on Saturday, November 2nd, from 09:00 until 16:00 where 27 games were played by the 16 participating teams. The past Saturday is therefore an embodiment of how our tech companies do not only excel in the technological setting through the technology they develop, but they also excel in helping our society. Each of the teams had their soul in the game thus giving the tournament the most joyous spirit. We can wholeheartedly say that all the teams were great and we thank each of them for giving out their best. Furthermore, we must recognize and give credits to the Sunny Hill Tech team who won the first place. We shall also acknowledge the efforts that Tenton team put in all the games especially during the finals.

But of course, this was not about who was going to get the first place, instead the focus was on gathering these tech companies for a humanitarian cause and also cherishing an enjoyable experience. As a result, we managed to collect a total of 6,360.00€ which we donated to the “Autism” association on Monday, November 4th. The association together with all the kids expressed their thanks in the most heartwarming way for all of the teams who contributed to this cause.

As Tenton, we also want to leave a big thank you note as heartwarming as the associations’, to all of the teams who joined and played football with us, all of the companies that donated and to all of the people who showed up on Saturday and cheered for the teams. You have made this experience an unforgettable one for us. Thank you!

Greetings from Cologne!

As the Internet becomes entwined with everything we do, the importance of digital marketing is becoming crystal clear. Being part of such a dynamic world, full or trends and ideas, it is critical we keep up with the digital development pace by continuously coming up with new ideas and generating new ways of delivering the best outcomes. As key players that drive constant positive change in our societies, we are categorized by our continuous endeavors, activities and events that help us grow, develop and share. One of the many undertakings is the DMEXCO 2019 – the biggest digital fair held in Cologne, Germany.

DMEXCO is the meeting place for key players in digital business, marketing and innovation. It is a community that brings together industry leaders, marketing and media professionals, and tech pioneers to set the digital agenda. Both globally informed and locally focused, DMEXCO offers an ecosystem with seminars, debates, and expositions outlining the future of the digital economy and driving market value. Bringing together 41,000 visitors, about 1,000 exhibitors, and more than 550 speakers from around the world for a one-of-a-kind event each year in Cologne, DMEXCO has set the standard as the place for business minds to learn and inspire, build connections, and for ideas to become actions.. Being part of such a digital marketing fair with an international impact and reach, was exciting and beyond inspiring. Having been able to present Tenton to the eyes of the world’s key business minds and share the stage with more than 40,000 forward-looking brand innovators and professionals worldwide, including Google, Microsoft, Slack, Paypal, YouTube, and many others has been a wonderful shaping adventure. It was an honor for our company to attend Europe’s most important event for the digital economy, where the industry is not only discussing the latest trends in technology and marketing, but also the digital economy’s responsibility and the required foundation of trust between companies and users while simultaneously drawing the roadmap for the future of digital marketing.


Autoshkolla is an informative and educative platform that comes in two different forms – mobile application and website. The main ideas revolve around facilitation and digitalization of theoretical testing and learning process for the driving license procedures. Such app and web bring about new and innovative forms of learning for the driving license through introducing new approaches and means of e-learning.

As emphatic advocates of startups and businesses that bring about positive social change in our society through all forms, we are proud of having built a platform like Autoshkolla, an interactive online learning app/website designed and developed to break through and challenge the current existing system of learning and preparing for a driving license testing process. 

Recognizing how digital transformation has become one of the most powerful drivers of opportunity and change, there is so much space that can be created and used to drive social change effectively. Considering that digital learning increases individuals’ efficiency and productivity, Autoshkolla is a great opportunity to learn since the application and website provide knowledge for free and thus help thousands of people go through this process in an easier and more productive way. Various e-learning tools and technology stimulate the mind and strengthen critical thinking skills, the basis for the development of analytic reasoning and the basis of our goal as company with regards to such platform. Our current issues in Kosovo related to the bountiful accidents, ‘driving anomalies’ etc. require measures that provide educative platforms and raise awareness in such aspect, and Autoshkolla is one step closer in doing so. Moreover, the application, as well as the website have six different categories, where each category is interactive and informative in its own form. While each category offers numerous ways of learning, all six work together and make the app very enjoyable. The first feature provides more than 80 driving license tests, where you can learn through testing yourself, your limits and the knowledge you have gained. The second feature provides a wide literature regarding driving license through different options that offer notions and concepts, and information on all traffic signs, behavior, rules, etc. The third and fourth features reveal the driving license procedure as well as provide illustrative forms of information through the videos. The gamification idea is also incorporated in the application and website, making it more interactive and engaging. One can access the app anywhere at any time and that is one of the main characteristics that differentiates the app from other learning methods and processes.


Having seen the continued growth of ecommerce to the rise of experiential retail, the past few years have become a reflection of changes and overall transformative potential of the retail industry. As retail trends continue to evolve in 2019, so do customer loyalty trends and programs. Retailers have therefore continuously shaped their loyalty programs to meet evolving customer expectations. This has, as a result, induced a customer wallet full of loyalty cards. While, improving loyalty programs through providing beneficial customer features is a target for most of the retailers, having many rewards cards in the wallet, as rewarding as they may be, is aggravating for many reasons.

Therefore, we introduce “Kartela” a mobile application that has numerous features and options that facilitate customer buying process and behavior. Kartela comes as a digital form of loyalty cards and programs, printed brochures, and store offers and sales. It also allows you to find the origin of the products you want to purchase as a customer by showing where the product comes from and where it is made. Kartela’s newest feature is the digitization of any type of offer generated by stores, shops or individuals through online forms. Through Kartela, any individual can have access to brochures, new offers and sales announcements without the need to search for them or go to the stores to get them.

The marketing analysis Tenton conducted brings to fore the need for an app like Kartela. Through three main pillars of the analysis, Tenton initially identified the need for digitization of loyalty cards, secondly the need for online brochures and various offers and thirdly the need to know the origin of the product. The smartest way to do it was, of course, through an app that allows customers to access their loyalty cards whenever they want with minimum effort. Not only did this facilitate the buyer, but it also benefited the loyalty card providers through furnishing them with precise data on customer behavior regarding loyalty programs. The fact that Kartela allows users to store all their loyalty cards easily in their smartphones rather than in their wallets, is beneficial in both ways: client wise and business wise.

The app is provided for free for both android and iOS users. You create an account and scan all the loyalty cards that you want to be in your phone, where they are stored and can be usedt anytime by just scanning the barcode from the digitized card. You can also check the origin of the product by just scanning the barcode of the product and it immediately tells you where it came from. Additionally, the online brochures and offers are listed in a catalog-like form where you can scroll and search whatever store, brochure or offer that you are interested in.

The application’s goal is to help towards transforming business and organizational activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage changes and opportunities of a mix of digital technologies and their accelerating impact across Kosovan society in a strategic and prioritized way.